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Update on February 4, 2024

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Babysitters is a visual novel game whose main character is a famous model photographer, but he gets into trouble because of his own work.


Introduce about Babysitters

It is a choice-based visual novel game with a plot revolving around family dynamics, relationships, and the pressures of balancing work and home life. The game gives the player many options that determine the course of the story and how the characters interact with each other.

The game features many characters, including the main character, his wife, his half-sister, and the babysitter. The main character is a model photographer, and he is married to a model who has a child of his own. After that, you and her had a baby together, a lovely boy.

The characters are well developed with distinct personalities and the underlying stories are revealed throughout the game. The protagonist’s relationship with his wife is an important aspect of the game, and the player must overcome the challenges of a marriage with children and the pressures of a demanding career.

One of the main gameplay mechanics in Babysitters is the option to hire a babysitter. This decision led to the introduction of the eponymous character and set the stage for the rest of the game. The role of the babysitter in the game is very important, and the player must decide how to interact with her and how to navigate the growing attraction between her and the protagonist.

The game’s graphics are designed in a 3D style, focusing on character portraits and backgrounds. The art is well done, but not particularly excellent. However, the game makes up for this with an engaging storyline and the ability for players to shape the story based on their decisions.

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Overall, Babysitters is a well-designed visual novel game with an engaging plot and engaging characters. The game’s focus on family dynamics and the challenges of balancing work and home life will resonate with multiplayer.

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