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Update on February 4, 2024

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badge NameBitch Squad
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Come to the game Bitch Squad, you will experience a revenge story in the main character’s school with rich girls.


Introducing Bitch Squad

In this game, you are a young guy who has just graduated from the last year of high school. During that last year, you had a terrible and difficult time. At that school, there was a group of rich girls. Those girls seem to be running and dominating this school without anyone daring to protest. Anyone who does not worship them pays a heavy price. Therefore, you and other classmates have to live like hell for a long time.

And the story when you start the game is when you enter the university in your hometown. You thought you would have a better new life when you get rid of those evil girls. But you can’t believe that those girls also enrolled in this new school. This is really crazy, you think.

It doesn’t take long, you know they will continue to rule this new school the way they did in high school. Because they are rich, famous and high-status families. But this time, you can’t just leave them alone like before. You plan with many other friends to stop these girls. You will have the opportunity to take revenge on them, and humiliate them. But whether the plan succeeds or not depends on how you play.

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Because the game Bitch Squad is built with a plot in the direction of school, revenge and love, players feel very excited to explore. Therefore, this game is loved by players all over the world. How about you?

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