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The Book of Bondmaids

Update on April 9, 2024
v1.78c + DLCs

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badge NameThe Book of Bondmaids
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Players are swept away into a captivating epic journey in The Book of Bondmaids, which takes place in a fantastical environment atop the ruins of an old country. Players must decipher the secrets of a planet divided by conflict and intrigue while navigating a labyrinth of loyalties, betrayals, and secrets in this immersive role-playing game.


Introducing The Book of Bondmaids

Players take on the role of a former courtier serving under the tyrannical new administration in this dungeons-crawled country controlled by an eternal Lich. Plot points force players to make decisions that will affect the realm’s destiny, such as whether to remain loyal to the Lich and his alluring henchman or to join the Resistance and try to topple the despotic ruler.

Exploring moral ambiguity and ethical issues as players navigate the perilous seas of personal atonement and political intrigue is one of the most interesting features of the game. As a mercenary motivated by friendship, players must consider the repercussions of their choices carefully, deciding whether to follow orders or strike off on their own.

The mysterious Princess is at the center of events; her confinement conceals a sinister secret that threatens to throw the kingdom’s power dynamic into disarray. The more players investigate her enigmatic background, the more mysteries they find, which tests their worldview and makes them face harsh realities.

Stunning visuals and lifelike character designs immerse players in The Book of Bondmaids’s universe, bringing the narrative to life. The game’s visuals aren’t going to be able to compete with AAA titles, but the ambient presentation and expressive art style make up for it.

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Finally, with its many moral complexities, unexpected plot twists, and riveting gameplay, The Book of Bondmaids provides gamers with an unforgettable journey. An exciting adventure through a land of mystery, peril, and sinister secrets awaits you in this game, thanks to its riveting plot, vibrant characters, and immersive world-building.

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