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Update on January 20, 2024
vDay 6 Part 3

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Limitless is a visual novel role-playing game developed based on the concept of the movie of the same name, but with a new experience.


Introduce about Limitless

Coming to the game, players will play the role of a young male character who has many difficulties in life and is given the opportunity to change his fate. At that time, you played a male character who was kicked out of his house when he was young. And since then, you’ve been hit by life’s storms and haven’t been able to get through most of the difficulties you’ve encountered. But until one day, when you are approached by a stranger and asked to take care of some goods for him, your world is turned upside down. And you get a magic pill that can change your destiny and your life.

The game’s plot offers an engaging and unpredictable experience as the player navigates through the character’s journey and meets new people along the way. Player choices and preferences impact the relationships formed with characters, adding an element of replayability and decision-making to the game.

The game’s graphics are described as detailed and sharp, which can enhance the player’s ability to immerse and enjoy the game. The faithful depiction of the setting, characters, and expressions can also contribute to the overall quality and appeal of the game.

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In short, Limitless can offer a unique and engaging gameplay experience for players interested in visual novel role-playing games. The game’s plot and graphics are capable of providing an engaging and enjoyable experience.

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