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Update on May 3, 2024

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Left Hand Magic is a role-playing game for you to explore the modern world of magic, about a guy who is very good at magic but not necessary.


Introducing Left Hand Magic

The game’s setting takes place in a post-industrial world called Magitek/Magic Punk. As a Battlemage, the protagonist struggles to find work for his magic as battle magic is no longer needed in this world. Despite warnings from parents, friends, and instructors about the dwindling demand for his skill set, the protagonist has mastered his area of expertise and graduated from the magic academy. most famous on the continent.

However, after jumping from job to job, the protagonist is unexpectedly hired by Left Hand Solutions, a company that specializes in active use for specific types of magic in the modern world, including both Blood Magic and Summoning. The protagonist is initially skeptical of the company’s mission and the legitimacy of their activities, but is attracted by the high salaries and prospect of working with a staff of all-beautiful women.

The game revolves around the protagonist’s interactions with his colleagues and the choices he makes throughout the story. The player’s decision determines the outcome of the game and which female character the protagonist will romantically end up with.

The images in the game are designed in a modern sci-fi style, with detailed and eye-catching graphics for both the setting and the characters. The plot is engaging, with a mix of humor and serious themes. The game is intuitive and easy to navigate, with clear objectives and choices presented to the player.

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Overall, Left Hand Magic is a well-designed and engaging role-playing game with an interesting plot, engaging characters, and beautiful graphics. Fans of the genre and those looking for a unique gameplay experience will love this game.

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