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Update on May 1, 2024

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badge NameThe King of Summer
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The King of Summer is a visual novel game with quite attractive content, but not everyone dares to explore it, do you want to try it?


Introducing The King of Summer

The plot follows a happy college couple, Satoshi and Mary, who are invited to a luxury summer resort by Satoshi’s uncle, Kendo. The game features a story of NTR seduction, forbidden relationships, and a happy ending. The game emphasizes the choices the player can make to influence the outcome of the story.

The game’s plot involves Kendo, a man who believes his promiscuous days are over until Mary awakens something in him, unleashing his lust and attracting lust. attention of every young girl. The game’s focus on the charms of NTR and forbidden relationships may not be suitable for all players.

The game loop allows the player to choose where to go and decide whether or not to allow a character to hang out with Kendo. The game promises no bad endings and encourages players to tap options and collect every available scene.

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Overall, The King of Summer offers a storyline that can appeal to players interested in the charms of NTR and forbidden relationships. However, games that focus on these themes may not be suitable for all players, and the emphasis on choices that affect the outcome of the story may require some degree of patience and attention. attention to every detail. The promise of a game’s happy ending can give players peace of mind.

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Story (6/10)

Core Loop (4/10)

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