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Update on April 29, 2024

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badge NameTrials in Tainted Space
sports_esports CategoryVisual Novel
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history Version0.9.097
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cards OS SupportAndroid, Mac, Win

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App Description

Trials in Tainted Space is a visual novel-style content exploration game, with a story of adventure in the vast universe.


Intruducing Trials in Tainted Space

The game’s plot revolves around exploring the universe and its inhabitants in various customizable ways. The game offers many role-playing options, adding replay value to the game. Players can replay as any character they want, providing a varied experience. The characters you play can be a hard-working captain, or a hot pilot in space. It could even be a masculine-looking hermaphrodite, or a hardworking mercenary looking for his next job.​

The gameplay of Trials in Tainted Space involves exploration and customizable role-playing. The text-based nature of the game may not be suitable for all players, but it allows for customization and flexibility in role-playing. Players who enjoy writing and customizing will find the gameplay engaging, but others may not find it as enjoyable.

The universe of the game has many different characters with unique characteristics and personalities. However, the character image or description in the game may not be as rich as other games of the same genre. The game’s focus on writing and customizable role-playing allows players to add depth to their characters, making them unique and personalized.

Trials in Tainted Space is a text-based game with illustrations that mostly appear in text form. The visual aspects of the game may not appeal to players who prefer a more intuitive immersive experience. However, the game’s focus on text allows for extensive customization and adds depth to the game’s universe.

Download Trials in Tainted Space latest version for Android, Mac, Win

This exciting game will be for players who love to explore the vast universe through text-based gameplay. The game’s customizable role-playing and text-centricity allow for extensive customization, making the game appealing to players interested in the genre. The lack of visual immersion may not appeal to all players, but the game’s focus on writing and character customization makes up for that.

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