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Update on January 21, 2024
v0.1 Beta Remake

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Twisted World is a unique visual novel game with a plot that explores a world in crisis because of the lack of men. The game’s premise is engaging and raises thought-provoking questions about gender roles and social norms.


Introducing Twisted World

The story follows the protagonist, who wakes up in a parallel dimension where women rule the world and all gender roles have been reversed. In this world, women have a strong desire for love with men, but the few men available cannot satisfy this need. The cause of this crisis is a pandemic that hit humanity so long ago that the number of men has decreased significantly.

In order to protect the existence of humanity, the women in this world have come up with rules to protect each man, and the only person capable of saving this world is the player. The main character has special abilities, including extraordinary health and the ability to make all the women in the world happy.

As they enter the game, they will meet many different women, each with their own unique storylines and personalities. The game gives the player the option of pursuing a romantic relationship with these characters or just focusing on saving the world. Player choices will have a significant impact on the outcome of the game.

As for the image, perhaps the game Twisted World did not receive positive reviews from players. Because the design in the game in the cartoon style is not too impressive. It offers exaggerated artistic shapes. However, there will also be players who prefer such visuals. But for the most part, players prefer more realistic visuals.

Download Twisted World latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Overall, Twisted World is a unique and thought-provoking visual novel game with a compelling storyline. While the graphics may not appeal to all players, the game’s compelling storyline and diverse cast of characters make fans of the genre worth checking out.

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