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Update on March 16, 2024

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The College is a visual novel game set at a university where all girls are girls, but the main character is enrolled here thanks to her mother.


Introduce about The College

The setting in the game is Baskerville University, a unique and attractive environment. This is a school for girls, only the extremely wealthy. After the terrible disappointment his father received, the main character of this game is forced to attend Baskerville University. He is forced to register under the authority of his mother: the president of this university.

The game revolves around the protagonist’s experiences at Baskerville University, as he navigates a world dominated by girls and tries to become the leader of the school.

One of The College’s strengths is its rich and varied storytelling. The game offers a wide range of experiences and emotions, from secret and blackmail to sincere friendship and romance. This variety of themes keeps players engaged and entertained as they explore different storylines and relationships throughout the game.

The character designs are also a notable aspect of The College. Each girl in the game is unique, with a distinct look, personality, and story. The attention to detail in character design adds depth and richness to the game’s world, while allowing players to form real connections with the characters they encounter.

In addition, the scenes in The College are designed to be realistic and immersive, with a focus on creating a believable and engaging setting. The school is detailed and well executed, with many environments and locations to explore. The game also features many interactive elements, such as decision-making and dialogue options, that allow the player to shape the story and interact with the characters in meaningful ways.

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Overall, The College is an engaging and well-constructed visual novel game that offers plenty of experience and emotion, engaging character designs, and rich and detailed backgrounds. This is a game that is sure to engage players and keep them coming back for more.

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