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Update on April 13, 2024
v0.50 Part 1

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App Description

Amy’s Ecstasy is a role-playing game that allows you to transform into a very hot girl, but has too many problems with her own body.


Introducing Amy’s Ecstasy

In this new game, you will no longer play the role of a male character, but a girl. You are a female college student, currently 20 years old. Your parents are living abroad. You have the opportunity to go abroad with them to develop your career, but you choose to stay in your hometown and attend a normal university.

The story won’t be worth telling if you don’t have a hot body. You are a girl with a beautiful face, plus a hotter body than a model. With that beauty, you easily attract all the attention in the crowd and the whole school. But because of that, you also encounter a lot of inconvenience and danger from people around.

Life unfolds around you along with your boyfriend Mark, and many other characters. It can be good people, it can also be bad guys with intentions with your attractive body. Therefore, you must make the right decisions to protect yourself. But if you like comfort, let the bad guys do what they want on your body. All choices and decisions depend on your thinking and playing style.

Download Amy’s Ecstasy latest version for Android, Mac, Win

The content of the game Amy’s Ecstasy is quite daring, giving you the choice of personality for the main character. Or a girl who is faithful to her boyfriend, always knows how to protect herself. Or you can turn yourself into a flirt, dating many other men.

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