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Update on May 3, 2024

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badge NameTotal Maidness!
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Total Maidness! is a visual novel game that gives you an extremely enjoyable experience, you will be creating your own cast of maids.


Introduce about Total Maidness!

In this game, you play the role of a young man living with his father. Your mother passed away when you were young. Before that, you lived in a small house in the country. But for the last few years, you live with your father in a mansion. But the relationship between you and your father has never been good. Since finishing school a few years ago, you have started a boring and meaningless life.

At that time, you do an idle office job and of course the salary is quite low. After work, you come home and play games, don’t hang out with friends or date anyone. But everything changed suddenly when you were born at the age of 21.

Right after your birthday, your father passed away. From there, you inherited a huge fortune from him. Including luxury villas. And you keep the maids to maintain the life of that house. And your life now revolves around beautiful maids. You can develop a relationship with them. As an owner, you can easily conquer them and make them happy.

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Most of the content in the game Total Maidness! are all entertaining and enjoy romantic stories. You will not encounter too many difficulties, or make choices for your life. The choices you make when playing only affect your relationships.

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