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Update on April 12, 2024

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App Description

Cabin by the Lake is a romantic role-playing game that lets you reunite with your childhood friends and even go on dates with them.


Introducing Cabin by the Lake

You are the only guy in the story told in the game Cabin by the Lake. As a child, you lived with very close friends. You feel like it’s impossible to separate them to start another life. But then when you grow up everything changes, you can’t play with them forever like when you were a kid.

And after many years apart, you and your childhood friends have a chance to meet again. Everyone will get together to see how they have grown and changed together. You think everything will go smoothly. But when everyone has grown up, their personalities are no longer the same, so the initial meeting is a bit difficult.

But in this multi-day meeting, you and those girls can still create the same closeness as before. But you have to go through many different stories and happenings. You could even date one of them, or all of them. How things go, you should experience the game directly to not know too much game content in advance.

Download Cabin by the Lake latest version for Android, Mac, Win

We do not introduce too much about the content, it will be more meaningful and interesting for you to discover for yourself. And how this story ends will depend on the choices and decisions you make during the game. In addition to the original, we also bring you a special edition called “Cabin by the Lake: Anniversary Special”.

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