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Update on February 26, 2024
vCh.4 Update 3

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With a mysterious club serving as the backdrop, Pale Carnations takes players on an enchanting adventure through a world of romance and mystery. This visual novel game offers players an enthralling storyline full of unexpected turns, created by publisher Mutt & Jeff.


Introducing Pale Carnations

A pre-med student’s life takes a dark turn when they become engaged in the Carnation Club’s underworld in “Pale Carnations,” where players take on the role of the student. Despite the protagonist’s early intentions to live a moral life, a childhood friend’s influence leads them into a string of cruel games. Players face moral quandaries and the temptation of passion and fortune as they negotiate the intricate network of ties and obstacles within the club.

With a succession of riveting storylines and character interactions, the game builds an enthralling plot that stands out. Players influence the protagonist’s path by making tough decisions that have far-reaching effects as the game advances. Will they give in to the club’s sinister charms, or will they summon the willpower to flee and seek atonement?

The striking visuals and contemporary cartoon style of “Pale Carnations” are sure to make an impression. Every facet of the characters—their emotions, body language, and clothing—is carefully crafted. These graphics enhance the immersion by transporting players to a more detailed environment within the game.

Download Pale Carnations latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Pale Carnations combines aspects of romance, mystery, and intrigue to create an engaging and immersive experience for players. Players will be engrossed in this visual novel game from start to finish thanks to its captivating plot, unique characters, and eye-catching graphics.

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