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Update on February 28, 2024

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As a firefighter deals with the stresses of his job and his personal life, “This Time” immerses players in his chaotic universe. As they assume control of the main character, players are thrown into a storyline full of chaos, where tough choices and surprising turns are around every corner.


About This Time

An unsuccessful fireman looking for second chances in the busy city is the protagonist. The protagonist, haunted by his errors and unsure of himself, sets off on a perilous and uncertain trip. But all changes when he finds a magical stopwatch that can halt time. This sets in motion a chain reaction that will make him question his morals and change his fate.

Set in a bustling metropolis, the game follows the hero as he faces the pressures of his job and learns to control the extraordinary ability that has been bestowed upon him. The story’s progression is determined by the choices players make, which impact whether the main character will be good with his powers or give in to his darker desires.

The weight and effects of player choices echo throughout the story, making them one of the game’s most appealing aspects. The player has complete agency over the protagonist’s trip, shaping it in a variety of ways and potentially leading to different outcomes depending on their decisions about the protagonist’s usage of the stopwatch and how he responds to obstacles.

Stunning artwork and vivid surroundings make “This Time” a visual delight, transporting players to the game’s universe. The amazing realism in the game’s graphics conveys the danger and thrill of the protagonist’s surroundings, from the busy city streets to the searing flames of a raging fire.

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All things considered, “This Time” is an enthralling visual novel that manages to create an indelible impression with its riveting plot, interesting characters, and exciting gameplay. With its intricate storyline, ethical quandaries, and several branching routes, it invites players to dive into an immersive adventure where each choice impacts the final result.

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