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Update on November 2, 2023

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Naruto: World of Dreams is a role-playing and story exploration game, inspired by the hit Naruto franchise, and brand new content.


Introducing Naruto: World of dreams

Regarding the plot, Naruto: World of dreams has nothing to do with the original content of the manga and Anime. The content in the game is mainly related to the relationships of the characters. Along with that is the exciting adventure of the main character.

Accordingly, the player will be selected as Naruto, the main character in this series, or can also be another character like Kakashi, Hatake Gaara or Sasuke Uchiha. And the game brings the familiar character system like the original. There is a slight change that is to create a new body and sub-page of the character to better suit the gameplay.

After impersonating the main character, the player will begin his adventure journey with the surrounding characters. The adventure process can also generate emotional relationships between the main characters. And those relationships will depend on the choices and gameplay of the player.

As for the image, Naruto: World of dreams still has the familiar Anime style. But there are many new points for players to discover, making a difference compared to the original. The most noticeable is the character design into their costumes.

Download Naruto: World of Dreams APK latest version for Android

Overall, Naruto: World of dreams offers a great experience with a manga theme. Players can meet familiar characters again but experience with completely different and extremely attractive content. So you should not miss this game! In addition, you can try some visual novel games with other Naruto content such as: Naruto: Shinobi Lord, JIKAGE RISING or Konoha Training.

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