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Update on March 4, 2024
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MetF is a visual novel game with a story about a strict and very religious mother who lives in a world where money decides everything.​


Introduce about MetF

The narrative of the game is quite well done, and it keeps the player anticipating the next exciting turn of events. Players will be enthralled by the unfolding plot and ready to find out what happens next.

Visually impressive performances are one of MetF’s defining characteristics. The visuals are superb, exhibiting an extraordinary degree of realism in both the settings and the characters. Players will be left in amazement by the game’s stunning aesthetics, which also serve to further flesh out the game’s universe.

Some gamers, however, have complained about the game’s flaws. One issue is the lack of customization choices in the game. Even while the story is still interesting, it’s reasonable that players would want greater freedom to make decisions and shape the course of events. The player’s sense of agency and immersion might be improved with additional options to choose from.

The expressions of the characters is another area of concern. While the primary cast looks great, some gamers have complained that their facial expressions are too cartoony. The experience might be made more immersive and emotionally resonant by improving the quality and nuance of the character animations.

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These are minor quibbles, though, and MetF is still an engaging visual novel that expertly captures the lives of a religious mother in a materialistic culture. Its magnificent sights and expertly designed narrative make for a very captivating and unforgettable experience. MetF has the makings of an even more compelling and memorable game thanks to its potential for greater choices and enhanced character emotions.

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