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Between Salvation and Abyss

Update on February 2, 2024
vCh.9 P.2

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badge NameBetween Salvation and Abyss
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history VersionCh.9 P.2
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Family game Between Salvation and Abyss will bring a lot of fun for you! You can download and enjoy this game now!


About the game Between Salvation and Abyss

The game is about Ethan, who has just returned home from a few years in the correctional camp. This rich house in a town far from the city is full of surprises that are about to hit Ethan. Please help him solve it all!

You will play as Ethan and deal with relationships with everyone in this family. Every character that appears is related to Ethan and brings him both joy and trouble. The secrets hidden in this house since Ethan went to reform are gradually being revealed through each unexpected and interesting development.

Developer Ethan Krautz has put himself in this game, just as he has experienced those stories. Through the extremely smooth and vivid 3D images, I believe that you will enter deeply into the extremely attractive happenings that you can’t take your eyes off in this game.

Download Between Salvation and Abyss latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Stories about family relationships are always diverse in themes. And Between Salvation and Abyss will help you experience the complicated stories in the house of Ethan, those who want to oppose him and those who love him. Discover the secrets hidden in the dark, you will complete this game.

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Visual (8/10)


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