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Update on November 11, 2023

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Free Pass is a visual novel game that explores the story of a beautiful woman, but she is on the verge of becoming a spoiled woman.


Introduce about Free Pass

Our main character is an Asian girl who is married and has a happy family. But she is tempted to risk her marriage after years of faithfulness. The game is based on the premise of giving this woman a “Free Card” and the player can decide if she takes the chance or not.

The game is a linear slide show with no branching storyline and the only choice the player makes is whether or not they want to watch certain scenes. The lack of choices and the linear nature of the game can be disappointing for players looking for an interactive game with multiple endings. However, the game’s plot is considered good and the idea of ​​exploring the temptation of women in a demanding culture is very appealing.

One drawback of the game is that the text and grammar have some minor errors, which can annoy the player. Hopefully the developer will address these issues in future updates to improve the overall experience for players.

The plot of the game is rated at a good level, but the image is quite appreciated. The game is still illustrated by high quality 3D images, with beautiful renderings. Along with that are more realistic animations for players to explore. But the key to creating a successful visual experience in the game is character creation. The game gives players beauty from many different places, from Asia to Europe with extremely attractive girls.

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All in all, Free Pass is a visual novel game with an interesting premise and a decent plot. While the lack of choices and linear storyline may disappoint some players, the game’s visuals and character creation make it an enjoyable experience overall.

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