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Update on February 27, 2024
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As you explore the sandbox world of Void’s Calling, each choice you make has the power to alter the story’s trajectory.


Introducing Void’s Calling

The plot of the first episode is brief. A significant portion of the text is spent to developing the characters and the environment. Both the plot and the protagonists take cues from Witcher. Episode 1 ends with the seed of a few narrative lines, but other than that, it’s your run-of-the-mill dating/corruption simulator.Many of the characters have significant romantic potential. There are some well-developed characters and some that are just clichés. Their goals are reasonable, and they have unique personalities. You won’t see any dweebs among the characters.Most missions may be found and completed without any effort on your part. Nevertheless, the circumstances for failure are not always evident in quests. The characters’ traits, the results of missions, and the availability of scenes are all affected by the choices.

Numerous side missions intersect with the main quest, and many tasks have several answers. Each mission in Episode 1 can be completed independently of the others. In the first episode, half of the cast missed out on some important details.The gameplay is really well-coordinated. You can always go around the game’s combat systems by leveling up your character and equipping better gear. To cover rent at start, you’ll have to manage some resources.The village comes alive during the weekend celebration thanks to the NPCs’ daily and weekly routines, which involve unique encounters. Free activities, like buying and selling, and time-consuming activities, like exploring, are available to you at different times each day.Not at all.

The narrative thickens and the stakes rise by the second episode, surpassing those of the first. A lot less curving is also noticeable. Although the writing is captivating, a few of the story details from the first episode, such as the options you had in the main quest, are overlooked. A lot of the story’s plot aspects and characters are presented without any buildup, like certain revelations toward the conclusion of the downloadable content. Additionally, there are several unanswered questions that remain from the inquiry. The conclusion is hardly invisible.Additionally, the character’s behavior lacks some credibility.

Despite the seeming urgency of the inciting occurrence in episode 2, the protagonist ends up dealing with a plethora of seemingly unconnected issues. Despite learning the identity of the captor, our protagonist refrains from taking any action.The majority of the subplots from the first book are still unfinished business in the second. Though the ending you get will be dependent on your decision to forego some quest lines, you may still see nearly all of the game in a single session.​

The focus of this game is on the plot, but unlike previous entries, you have complete agency over your actions within the game environment. From my last project to this one, I’ve learned a lot and the render quality has been steadily rising, as you may have observed. When it comes to the “date” sequences, the quality is on par with, if not higher than, the publisher’s first offering.

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Simply said, “Void’s Calling” is a captivating story-driven experience that lets players control the storyline based on their choices in a sandbox-style environment. Vol. 2’s narrative inconsistencies and unfinished storylines don’t take away from the wonderful experience that is the game’s vivid setting, colorful people, and player freedom. Highly recommended for those who enjoy visual novels and role-playing games.

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