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Update on February 22, 2024

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As a new take on visual novels, MIST captivates players with an intriguing mix of survival and dating elements.


Introduce about MIST

The game starts out innocently enough, with you seeking peace and quiet in the natural settings of your late grandfather’s mountain home. A dense fog rolls in, disrupting the tranquil ambiance, while shadow creatures hide in the woodland, adding an air of menace.

Your life is in jeopardy as you and a bunch of strangers fight for your survival in the face of this unexpected threat. You and the girls who helped her escape the fog will have to make your way across perilous terrain while solving riddles and overcoming obstacles.

Building relationships with the females you meet while surviving the fog and shadow creatures is the main focus of the gameplay. Your ability to stay alive depends on the bonds you forge with your comrades as the stakes rise and peril appears around every turn.

A narrative experience brimming with tension, mystery, and emotional depth is what MIST has to offer. Immersed in the game’s captivating narrative, players are driven to discover the mysteries buried in the misty wilderness and conquer the obstacles that await them.

The gorgeous imagery and meticulously drawn characters in MIST make the game’s environment come to life visually. The graphics in the game, from the creepy fog forest to the tender moments between individuals, heighten the immersion and pull gamers in further.

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To sum up, MIST is an exceptional visual novel game that offers players an unforgettable experience by expertly combining survival and dating aspects. Players can expect hours of entertainment with MIST’s captivating plot, unique characters, and stunning graphics as they encounter hardship on a path of discovery, romance, and survival.

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