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Update on July 6, 2023

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Family Matters is a role-playing game where you take on the role of a young man with an unlucky fate, and you decide his life.


Introducing Family Matters

The player’s mission is to guide the protagonist through his chores and desires, many of which center on his connections with various girls, despite his troubled past.

The game’s story follows a formulaic but alluring formula, giving players a wide variety of love options and paths to choose. Some negatives, however, should not be ignored. The language has a lot of mistakes and is written poorly, which sometimes make it hard to understand what the characters are saying. This raises the possibility that the programmer is not a native English speaker. It’s also possible to feel that your decisions aren’t making a difference because some events or characters will happen regardless of what you do in the game. Furthermore, there have been complaints that the characters mature too slowly.

The game’s graphic design is one of its strongest points. All eyes will be drawn to the designs, which are bold and eye-catching, especially the lovely female protagonists. The game’s aesthetic value increases the fun and immersion factor.

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Despite its flaws, Family Matters provides a fascinating gaming experience, letting players control the main character’s fate and investigate other love avenues. The game’s aesthetic attractiveness makes up for any linguistic problems or lack of impact in the dialogue or the consequences of any given action. Family Matters is a fun experience for everyone searching for a visual treat and the chance to shape the bonds between characters.

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