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Update on November 20, 2023
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The protagonist of “The Entrepreneur” is a young guy who is determined to carry on his late father’s business. Departing from college and friends, the protagonist’s objective is to breathe new life into the ancient family land and bring to reality the idea his father spent his entire life to – building a tavern. This visual novel game, created by MisterMaya, is billed as an in-depth look at business, relationships, and the repercussions of one’s actions.


Introducing The Entrepreneur

The protagonist’s journey back to the city that shaped him into an adult lies at the heart of the story. Here, he’ll meet three ladies who will all end up playing pivotal roles in his story. As the tale progresses, the player’s decisions will have far-reaching consequences for the protagonists and antagonists.

The game sets the backdrop for an engaging story, one that juggles the challenges of pursuing one’s entrepreneurial aspirations with those of maintaining meaningful relationships. The protagonist’s effort to reopen the family pub takes center stage, symbolizing not just a professional undertaking but also an intensely personal and emotive one.

The decisions you make while you play will have a significant impact on the game’s story and its resolution. Player investment is increased, and the visual novel becomes an immersive experience in which choices have real-world repercussions. Visual novels are distinguished by their “choose-your-own-adventure” format, which gives the player agency over the story.

The influence on the protagonist’s relationships with the three ladies in his life becomes a major issue as participants struggle with tough decisions. Layers of storyline are added by the interactions and changes within these bonds, giving the game an extra dose of personality and feeling.

When it comes to the game’s mechanics, “The Entrepreneur” gives players a say in how the story unfolds and how their businesses do. The interplay between aspiring business owners and love interests makes for an interesting setting for the game’s overall plot.

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The success of “The Entrepreneur” will depend on how well the plot, choices, and characters all come together. By integrating these components cohesively, the game offers an interesting and comprehensive experience for players who are attracted by the confluence of personal and professional objectives. Players will steer the protagonist through a story rife with options, repercussions, and the potential for meaningful change as he embarks on a career as an entrepreneur.

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