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Update on July 7, 2023
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badge NameFood Truck Story
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Food Truck Story brings an impressive experience with the visual novel game genre, when you will become a guy who starts a food truck business.


Introduce about Food Truck Story

The protagonist is a new college grad who, bored with the office work life, decides to try his luck in the exciting food truck industry in a vibrant college town. Players will have the chance to guide the protagonist through the challenges of an entrepreneurial lifestyle, influence important plot points, and ultimately choose the game’s ending. The player has a say in how the tale develops because to the game’s interactive elements and branching routes.

Relationships progress organically throughout the game, giving players options as they meet and potentially date a wide variety of individuals. The opportunity to make choices and pursue different love avenues increases the game’s richness and replayability. The player has the option of pursuing several romantic interests, giving them a sense of agency in the development of the protagonist’s private life.

Food Truck Story has a cutting-edge and intricate visual design. The artwork is well rendered, presenting the characters in endearing settings. The eye-catching visuals add to the game’s overall appeal and help create an immersive experience.

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An exciting visual novel experience, Food Truck Story sends players on a business adventure and into the domain of interpersonal connections. The game’s aesthetic appeal and the player’s agency in shaping the story combine for a memorable experience.

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