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Update on November 22, 2023

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Visually attractive and engrossing, “Jealousy” is a visual novel game created by Captain Kitty. The game’s graphics are incredibly realistic, transporting players to a world full of complicated relationships and tales.


Introduce about Jealousy

The events of “The Engagement,” a prequel by Captain Kitty, take place two months before the events of the game, establishing the stage for a new chapter in the main character’s life. The three women become embroiled in a battle with Rhys Park and Woody George after Emily and Suzie join them in their entrepreneurial enterprise. Another interesting character in the developing plot is Yue-Yue, a first-year student who works at Dianne’s ice cream parlor, Corsica, and lives with them.

As more and more secrets and problems emerge in the individuals’ relationships, the narrative deepens. Surprisingly, Yue-Yue starts to suspect foul play and views her sister’s condition as perhaps abusive, even while Suzie’s complicated connection with the protagonist and Emily remains hidden from her. Tensions rise as a result of this betrayal, and Yue-Yue vents her animosity at the protagonist on her lover. Throughout this complex interpersonal dynamic, Emily is struggling with emotions of loss and remorse, and she wonders if it was wise to be engaged.

Will they master the intricacies of relationships and amass a harem, even if it means kidnapping ladies from other guys? This is the game’s primary issue. As events develop, will they be able to save all they own, or will they lose it all? Decisions made by the player have a major impact on the story and the characters’ destinies in the game.

A trademark of Captain Kitty’s development approach, the realistic game visuals in “Jealousy” stand out with the captivating plot. The player feels more immersed in the story and its characters because to the stunning visuals. An unpredictable and replayable aspect is added to the game by the fact that the player’s actions determine whether they succeed in developing a harem or face losses.

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Simply said, “Jealousy” continues the story from its predecessor in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally intense for gamers. A dynamic and fascinating gaming experience is guaranteed by the game’s myriad options, hidden secrets, and nuanced connections, which players must manage while creating a harem and risking losses.

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