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Update on January 8, 2024
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What would you do if you found yourself living a life filled with hatred, betrayal, and drama every day with you and your family? Join Family at Home 2 now to discover the fascinating story of this game.


Introduce about Family at Home 2

You are a young man with a normal life along with his father and mother. So far, you have always felt happy with your family even though you are not rich. But everything has changed since you discovered the horrifying truth. That’s when a man named Blake revealed many truths to you.

Since then, you start a rich and luxurious life in the richest family in the city. Do you think there will be a happy life and not having to worry about anything? No problem! The truth is that you have to trade a lot of things in this new life.

Since your family is rich from making dark money, your family is always threatening and dark. Therefore, your life gradually becomes chaotic by many different stories. It can be a story of betrayal, jealousy, revenge, and even murder. All of those conflicts stem from your point of view. As for the truth, you have to discover the game yourself.

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Family at Home 2 brings many fascinating stories and very thrilling details. You will be caught up in the plot without even knowing it. The content of the game has not only conflicting stories, but also romantic dating scenes.

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