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Update on April 16, 2024

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Corrupted Kingdoms is the only role-playing game where you can both become the hero and turn into the villain of the story.


Introduce about Corrupted Kingdoms

In this story, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether to be a villain or a hero. Originally, your family is living peacefully in your hometown. But your whole family was kicked out of the country for some reason you don’t know. Therefore, you are always looking for the reason why your family cannot live in your beloved homeland.

And your journey to discover the truth has gone quite far when you get lost in the complicated world. This chaotic world with the appearance of both humans and mythical creatures. In the adventure journey, you will discover many different stories. Gradually, you will understand the secrets of your family, as well as this complicated world.

As for graphics, the game Corrupted Kingdoms is only developed with 2D graphics. However, in return is the extremely well-designed visual style. And this is a game that explores the story through illustrations, so the graphics don’t have to be as high-end as a typical RPG. Especially the character creation in the game is extremely beautiful, you will definitely like it!

Download Corrupted Kingdoms latest version for Android, Mac, Win

The gameplay of the game Corrupted Kingdoms is in the style of exploration novels and you will decide for yourself the fate of the main character you play. So, how the story in the game ends will completely depend on how you play!

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Story (8/10)

Core Loop (6/10)

Gameplay (8/10)

Visual (8/10)


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