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Update on March 31, 2024

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badge NameThe Fiery Scion
sports_esports CategoryVisual Novel
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App Description

The Fiery Scion is where you become a magician with a mission to save the world from all women, can you help this world?


Introduce about The Fiery Scion

You are a young wizard guy. You have just finished a long course, you seem isolated by those days of study. And the story begins when you are transported to a cursed world. This world is cursed by witches, causing all children to be born girls. Therefore, the increasing number of girls makes everyone feel anxious.

And your presence is the savior of their world. You will start your adventure journey with a lot of missions in this game. You have to fight against mysterious forces that are trying to destroy this world. At the same time, you can form relationships and date a lot of women.

Your goal is to be able to break the curse so that everyone can have a son like before. But you can’t be sure with your method of success or not. Therefore, you have to “date” many different women and have many children. Until you succeed, give birth to boys for this world.

Looks like you are the luckiest guy in this exciting world. You will not be bored, because you can both fight the enemy and date attractive women. Two intertwined activities will make you more excited to experience, never get bored.

Download The Fiery Scion latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Are you ready to join the magical world to start the adventure, save the world in The Fiery Scion game? Surely you will feel extremely proud and happy when you complete the amazing missions in this game!

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