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Update on November 15, 2023

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badge NameMaster of the Earth: Reborn
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App Description

Master of the Earth: Reborn draws players into a fascinating realm of magic and witches, delivering a visual novel experience that mixes fantasy with adventure. The game, which was developed in this world by an unknown author, sends players on an adventure where magic, vengeance, and self-discovery all come together.


About game Master of the Earth: Reborn

Nine years have passed since a defining incident in the protagonist’s life, and the story now begins to unravel. They discovered a powerful magical skill at the youthful age of 14, and it was both a blessing and a burden. The protagonist’s arrest by the town’s witches began with the unforeseen consequence of their sorcery, the unintentional death of an innocent woman.

The protagonist spent nine years studying magic while imprisoned in a magical house distant from society. This time in confinement acts as a formative experience from which the protagonist emerges with a firm grasp on their magical talents and the will to liberate themselves. Avenging their captivity at the hands of witches motivates our protagonist when they achieve control.

The game has an innovative magic system, giving players access to a wide variety of spells to use in their crusade for retribution. This unique magical structure enriches the gameplay by letting players experiment with and tactically deploy different spells to overcome obstacles in the story.

The protagonist’s compelling reason for his actions is the story’s core theme: revenge. As players steer the avatar through this mystical region, the search for justice unfolds against a backdrop of extraordinary landscapes and interactions.

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Finally, Master of the Earth: Reborn is a compelling graphic novel that combines fantasy, magic, and vengeance. The tale is captivating and interesting, especially when combined with the game’s special magic system. The player follows the protagonist as they travel through a magical world, experiencing the effects of dominance, the challenges of mastery, and the nuances of vengeance.

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