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Update on April 20, 2024

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badge NameHail Dicktator
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App Description

Hail Dicktator is a visual novel-style life exploration role-playing game where you get to decide the fate of new girls.


Introducing Hail Dicktator

You’re a single guy, and you don’t have any special talents. But one day, you receive a letter from your relative’s uncle. Even though you never knew him, you were willing to work for him after the offer. He gives you the task of managing a resort on a tropical island. And you start a whole new life, a memorable adventure journey.

The place where you start a new life is an exotic island with a culture of reward and punishment. There are very beautiful women here. But their personality is far from what you usually know through your friends. But coming here, you have to learn how to get used to the culture here and make new friends.

You get to meet many girls on this interesting island. You can chat and follow the story of each person. Gradually, you fall in love with those girls and go on romantic dates. Of course, there are strange situations of reward and punishment on this island.

Your story on this island is not only about meeting and dating attractive girls. Your job is to manage the resort that your uncle assigned to you. You have to manage daily tasks, upgrade your hotel and build many facilities for your resort. In the future, you can become a business tycoon on this island, and do whatever you want.

Download Hail Dicktator latest version for Android, Mac, Win

When playing the game Hail Dicktator, you are free to explore the plot and make decisions that directly affect the outcome of the story. So, whether the story ends well or not is entirely up to the way you play. And especially the simulation image in the game is designed extremely beautifully and realistically, you will definitely like it!

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