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Update on July 5, 2023

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In Anita’s Discoveries, players are immersed in the lives of a little girl named Anita for a brief but meaningful time.


About Anita’s Discoveries game

Players will explore Anita’s evolving perspective on love and the nuances of her internal state as they progress through the game. You’ll get to see Anita’s life and the discoveries she makes before the events of the main plot take place. Additionally, the game provides Anita’s father’s point of view, which is both fresh and interesting.

The 30- to 60-minute length of Anita’s Discoveries makes it suitable for playing whenever players have a brief window of time in which to immerse themselves in a compelling tale, be it at the conclusion of a long day or during a lunch break.

The content description focuses on the emotional and romantic components of Anita’s journey rather than the gaming mechanics or aesthetics. The game seems to be narrative-driven, with a focus on storyline and character exploration that allows players to enter Anita’s world and interact with her feelings.

Given the short length and the game’s stated goal of setting the stage for what’s to come, Anita’s Discoveries appears to be constructed to deliver a powerful and memorable experience. The success of the game will rest on the strength of the story and the players’ ability to relate to and care about the people they interact with.

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In sum, Anita’s Discoveries is a visual novel that offers a short but heartfelt journey inside the mind and heart of a young girl on the edge of her first romantic encounter.

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