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Update on November 22, 2023

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Playing “Taste of Hatred” is like stepping into the turbulent life of a young guy named Zane, who has accomplished so much in his work. Nevertheless, his stepmother’s betrayal of his father for another man, which resulted in a deep-seated distrust of women, hides under the surface of his seeming success. To numb the agony in his heart, Zane takes on a playboy character and treats women like toys.


Introduce about Taste of Hatred

As the story takes an intriguing turn, Zane is forced to share a house with the daughter of the woman he hates. Will Zane use this chance for sweet retribution, or will he give in to the complexity of feeling and be captivated by the beauty of the little girl—the daughter of the person he despises the most—is the interesting issue posed by the game. The duality of emotions is at the heart of the story, which asks if hatred has a sweet or bitter flavor, similar to cinnamon or sugar.

With its striking cartoon graphics that immerse players in the plot, “Taste of Hatred” stands out visually. Many situations and figures are depicted in dark tones, which may affect visibility and make them less visible. This is a major criticism of the color palette, nevertheless. This subtle aspect might use some work to elevate the visual experience as a whole.

With its intricate storyline exploring themes of trust, emotional development, vengeance, and role-playing, the game is sure to be an interesting experience. By navigating a labyrinth of options, players will choose what happens to Zane and how the plot develops. Whether Zane gives in to the bitter taste of hate or finds a way to overcome his problems and evolve as a person is all up to the player.

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Briefly said, “Taste of Hatred” is an engrossing visual novel role-playing adventure that follows Zane on his turbulent journey. Although there may be some color-related issues that require fixing, the cartoon graphics of the game enhance its attractiveness. The final question that players must consider as they go through their emotions and decisions is whether the bitter taste of hatred will win out or if the intricacies of human connection will mitigate the harshness of vengeance.

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