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Update on April 3, 2024

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Immerse yourself in a science fiction world in “Element-174” and watch as the story unfolds and individuals you meet are defined by the decisions you make. Put yourself in the shoes of our protagonist, a fresh face at Branchfield University, and prepare to get swept away into a web of secrets that will make you question all you thought you knew and put your determination to the test.


About Element-174

Visual novels like “Element-174” prioritize narrative and player agency above anything else. Players will discover secrets and make connections that will shape the universe as they explore the intricately designed story, delving deeper and deeper with every decision they make. There is a great deal of replay value in the game because of the emphasis on decision and consequence, which makes each playing unique as players discover the many pathways that are available to them.

There is a large cast of people in the game, and they all have distinct traits, goals, and backstories, which makes it stand apart. Players will interact with a wide variety of people, from other students to teachers, all of whom have a part to play in the plot that is developing. Players have plenty of chances to build significant relationships, discover secret facts, and create alliances that will impact the story’s trajectory as they explore 16 character pathways.

Each player gets to choose their own path through the game thanks to the branching storyline, which opens up new possibilities and obstacles at every turn. Players must exercise caution while making decisions that have far-reaching effects in the game world, whether they are forming friendships, solving mysteries, or negotiating complicated interpersonal relationships.

The world of Branchfield University comes to life in “Element-174” thanks to its breathtaking graphics and immersive sound design, which complement the film’s profound and captivating tale. The game’s elaborate settings and emotive character animations are just two examples of how the developer aimed to immerse players in its fantastical world.

Download Element-174 latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Players can look forward to an ever-changing experience in Element-174 because to the frequent updates that add new features and improve existing ones. Anyone may find something they enjoy in this fascinating science fiction visual novel, whether it’s going on an exciting journey or making relationships with its varied cast of people.

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