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Update on February 20, 2024

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badge NamePongo Delta
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Created by LunarBitStudio, Pongo Delta takes players on a moving and emotionally impactful story journey. This role-playing game takes players on an emotional journey via a beautiful love story.


Introduce about Pongo Delta

In Pongo Delta, players assume the role of a father who has lost his wife and is responsible for taking care of their two kids. But a mystery lurks under the surface, and it might throw his life’s fragile equilibrium into disarray. Tragically, the heroine’s army wife died of a drug overdose, sending the protagonist into a severe despair that keeps him housebound.

Despite the short length of the game, “Pongo Delta” provides an immersive and engaging experience that keeps players hooked. Players are swept away into a world rich with detail and mood thanks to the game’s beautifully rendered graphics, which increase immersion and engagement.

The game’s capacity to evoke strong feelings in players despite its brief length is one of its most notable qualities. Immersed in the protagonist’s journey, players are prompted to delve into the nuances of love, grief, and forgiveness through “Pongo Delta”‘s” captivating graphics, interactive conversation, and surprising turns.

In addition, the game’s realistic and believable storyline and characters add to its overall appeal, making the experience more relatable and enjoyable for gamers. Opportunities for self-reflection and emotional connection arise as participants accompany the protagonist through his or her trials and tribulations.

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Despite its little length, Pongo Delta manages to deliver an engaging narrative experience, making it a true treasure of a game. The game manages to provide an unforgettable trip into the intricacies of love and family with its captivating graphics, deep storyline, and emotional profundity.

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