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Update on February 23, 2024

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A young man’s journey toward autonomy and self-discovery is at the heart of Fates Collide, an engrossing graphic novel.


Introducing Fates Collide

The protagonist, sick of living on the road due to his parents’ jobs, jumps at the chance to start over in the exciting city of Ardoria. Players are encouraged to negotiate the intricacies of relationships, education, and personal growth as he begins this new chapter of his life.

Every player choice in Fates Collide affects the story’s course and molds the protagonist’s journey, creating a complex tapestry of narrative possibilities. Players may customize their experience and create a unique story based on their tastes by choosing from a multitude of alternatives, such as making new friends or pursuing love interests.

The game’s vibrant depiction of Ardoria, a vibrant city full of possibility and energy, is one of its strongest points. Experience a world full of possibilities where every meeting brings the potential of new experiences and meaningful connections via rich narrative and lively character interactions.

Despite Fates Collide’s excellent world-building and narrative complexity, the game’s pace might be frustrating for some players, especially during exposition or character development. On top of that, the graphics are adequate, but they might not be up to par with other games in the genre.

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Taken as a whole, Fates Collide is an engrossing visual novel that transports players to the vibrant city of Ardoria for an adventure filled with self-discovery and excitement. A memorable adventure full of surprises and the thrill of creating one’s own fate awaits players in this game, thanks to its deep narrative tapestry and significant decisions.

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