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Update on November 13, 2023

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Sorrow, a role-playing visual novel developed by Oppai-Man, invites players into an otherworldly realm, exploring the aftermath of an ideal society disrupted by a tyrant’s rise to power. The game, available on Patreon, delves into the complexities of restoring harmony and balance in a realm initially characterized by mutual respect and the absence of human vices.


Introduce about Sorrow

The game’s narrative premise, set in a society beyond life, offers an engaging exploration of the consequences of a tyrant’s ascent to power. The initial depiction of an ideal world marred by a disruptor creates a compelling foundation for the player’s journey. The central question of what a newcomer to this disrupted society can do adds a layer of mystery and purpose to the storyline.

Sorrow receives praise for its highly rated visuals, particularly in the design of characters possessing attractive features and well-defined bodies. The emphasis on hot bodies and beautiful faces contributes to the visual appeal. However, the game faces criticism for its limitations in rendering and animation. While still images excel in craftsmanship, animated scenes fall short in terms of realism and careful character design.

A significant drawback highlighted by players is the issue of subtitles and translation within the game. The multi-part content is acknowledged as confusing, potentially attributed to challenges in the developer’s script. The more critical concern revolves around spelling errors and translation problems, diminishing the overall player experience. Player feedback consistently mentions frustration with these language-related issues.

Sorrow leaves players with a mixed impression, with strengths in narrative concept and visual aesthetics balanced against weaknesses in animation quality and language-related challenges. The allure of the utopian narrative competes with player frustration arising from less polished aspects of the game.

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In conclusion, Sorrow presents an intriguing narrative concept within an otherworldly setting, yet faces challenges in execution. While the visual appeal is evident, improvements are warranted in the animation department to enhance the game’s overall realism. Addressing language-related challenges, particularly spelling errors and translation problems, is crucial to elevating the player experience.

As the game continues to evolve, refining animation quality and rectifying language-related issues will contribute to a more immersive and polished gameplay experience, ensuring that Sorrow fulfills its potential as an engaging role-playing visual novel.

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