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Update on February 26, 2024

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Created by Devil’s Da, Murmur takes gamers on a mystical, passionate, and love-filled adventure. Murmur is a visual novel game that puts players in the role of a 28-year-old guy whose life is drastically altered by supernatural occurrences.


Introducing Murmur

At its heart, Murmur is a narrative that delves into the various ways in which love and desire may shape our lives, as well as the repercussions of their absence. Amidst the dangers and unknowns of his new environment, our hero also discovers chances for love and connection.

Players will meet a varied group of people with their own stories, quirks, and secrets as they make their way through the story’s many twists and turns. Every encounter, whether with complete strangers or possible romantic partners, is a chance to learn more about human nature and the depths of human emotion.

A notable aspect of the game is its focus on player agency and decision. The protagonist’s relationships and fate are shaped by the numerous options that players are provided with throughout the tale. How will players feel about the characters they meet? Will they choose to love, appreciate, or seduce them? Each possible course of action has its own distinct result; the decision is entirely up to them.

The breathtaking visuals and atmospheric design of “Murmur” transport players to a mysterious and intriguing universe. Every scene, from eerie vistas to tender moments between humans, is painstakingly created with precision, elevating the immersion level.

Download Murmur latest version for Android, Mac, Win

For fans of visual novels, Murmur is a must-play because to its captivating combination of romance, intrigue, and supernatural themes. “Murmur” features an emphasis on player choice, a cast of varied characters, and a plot that delves deeply into human emotions, promising a memorable experience.

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