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Update on March 31, 2024

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Something Unlimited is a role-playing game combined with simulation and management of the “love office” built on the popular manga series.


Introducing Something Unlimited

The game’s story takes place in Gotham City, where our protagonist Lex has set up his operation to recruit heroes, heroines, and villains to work for him in the game. his meta-bordello. He devises a way to eliminate the superhero world and make himself the most powerful person in this world who can sit on the throne. Unfortunately, however, world domination schemes tend to cost a lot of money and he literally went bankrupt. Just when the Roulette character came to you with the idea of a “meta-bordello” did you come up with the perfect way to provide her with hard workers. From there you will receive a lucrative profit.

As the player, you take on the role of Lex and manage the land, hiring characters, building facilities, and completing quests to continue the story.

The characters in the game are depicted in a manga style, with exaggerated features and colorful designs. They are depicted as sexier versions of their original comic book counterparts. The game allows the player to interact with these characters in a variety of ways, including recruiting them to work in the “love office”, or engaging in various love activities, developing romance. romantic.

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Overall, Something Unlimited might appeal to fans of management and simulation games looking for a romantic experience. And you will discover the world of manga in a completely new style.

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