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Update on March 16, 2024
vEp.9 P2 v1.0

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badge NameRaptus [RedStarStudios by Infros]
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history VersionEp.9 P2 v1.0
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App Description

Raptus is a visual novel game that delves into the complex world of mental illness, crime, and the challenges of reintegration. The game offers an engaging storyline, along with realistic illustrations and animations that allow players to enjoy a great visual experience.


Introduce about Raptus game

The game begins with the main character, a boy locked in a mental institution for many years, who is finally released. The boy is battling a mental illness and has committed many crimes in the past, which led to his incarceration. Now that he was out, he was filled with anger and hatred, a desire to take revenge on those who placed him there.

As the player, you control the main character’s life and decide how he navigates the world around him. Will he continue down the path of violence and hatred, or will he choose to change and have a better life? Player decisions directly affect the outcome of the game.

The plot is compelling, drawing players into a world of complicated emotions and difficult choices. It explores the challenges of mental illness, the difficulties of reintegration into society, and the consequences of past actions. The game’s description of mental illness is realistic, highlighting the need for more understanding and support for people with this illness.

One of the standout features of Raptus is its intuitive design. The illustrations are beautifully rendered, bringing the characters and their worlds to life in every detail. The game also includes high-quality animations, creating smooth and realistic characters’ romantic dating scenes.

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However, it is important to note that the game contains violent and disturbing content. Players who are uncomfortable with such topics may want to avoid this game. Overall, Raptus is a powerful visual novel that explores complex themes sensitively and deeply, providing an engaging experience for players who enjoy immersive storytelling and compelling visuals.

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