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Update on January 19, 2024
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Where It All Began is a visual novel game, letting you play the role of a handsome guy who can attract all the attention of any girl who sees him.


Introduce about Where It All Began

The story is about the main character is a guy, whom you will play as. After many years of leaving your family and living in a far away place, things have changed to your surprise and you have to face many ups and downs with those around you. After an unexpected call from your twin sister, you decide to go home to see what the hell is going on. And you certainly don’t expect that. And things you didn’t expect happened, even beyond your imagination.

Our male lead is an extremely attractive guy, but his personality is extremely bland. He does not know how to talk, nor does he know how to handle situations in the face of things that happen. The only way to attract those girls is his romantic handsomeness.

The male MC’s remorse over his previous deeds is central to the story and is supposed to strike a chord with players. However, depending on how this theme is implemented, gamers may begin to doubt its sincerity. While the main characters (MCs) continue their dubious adventure, the game frequently exaggerates significance the significance of little events. The “small town” familiarity of everyone just adds to the uncomfortable nature of the situation. The manipulation of the protagonist’s emotions by implying that she would finally make the choice only serves to heighten her want to break free.

Until now, the game’s decisions have made players feel powerless, since the game’s main character (MC) has such a prominent personality that it overshadows the player’s ability to have their own views and opinions on the events as they happen. There is typically minimal space for the player to control or input the MC’s activities, since they tend to unfold according to their own volition.

As for the visuals, Where It All Began really impresses with the character design as well as the setting. It’s so realistic that you can see every hair or pore on the characters’ skin. And of course, the visuals for the main characters are also beautiful, with a beautiful European style. Add to that the beautiful renderings and animations that will give you an incredibly immersive experience.

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Overall, Where It All Began has a pretty compelling plot, although there are still a few minor shortcomings. But in return, you get to experience beautiful illustrations, just like a movie!

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