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Update on April 10, 2024

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App Description

What would you do if you became a half-human, half-dragon character? Come to the game Renryuu: Ascension to experience the interesting story of the character Ryen.


Introducing Renryuu: Ascension

The main content in the game tells the story of Ryen, a special character that is half human and half dragon. With a special status, she feels worried that she will encounter unforeseen events. And after some unexpected events, Ryen becomes the King of a country. From then on, she shouldered the responsibilities of a King, going to solve everything in her country.

You will play as Ryen to discover the stories in her country. And indispensable is her love story, her feelings. Your main task in this game is to solve the things that happen in the kingdom and also the things outside. Each decision you make on behalf of the protagonist will lead to different developments in the plot. And finally the end of the story will be influenced by the decisions you make while playing.

Regarding the image of the game, Renryuu: Ascension is designed in two different styles. When playing normal games, you only see images of a fairly simple pixel-type simulation. As for the characters when appearing, or when dating, the Anime style will be more vivid and eye-catching.

Download Renryuu: Ascension latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Renryuu: Ascension has not too long content, you can finish the story in a few hours of continuous play. It depends on how you play that the game ends quickly or slowly and that ending makes sense or not. Download the game now and experience it, you will create your own ending in this game.

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