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Update on March 19, 2023

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Intimate Relations is a visual novel game about the daily life of a small family, where the main character is a girl who lives in love.


Introducing Intimate Relations

The story in the game is about a young family of three. When he became an adult and realized that he was able to shoulder the responsibilities of a man, Andrew proposed to Jane, his high school sweetheart. A few years later, Jane became pregnant. And nine months later, their baby Kelly was born.

The context of the game takes place when Kelly has grown up and become a beautiful young woman. Kelly is currently attending a university in the same city she lives in. She never wanted to be away from her father. Andrew gave her a place closer to the school to facilitate her studies. Yet she still spends half of her time at home.

In this game, players will explore the story in the role of Kelly. And players will find out what the real relationship in the Kelly family is like. What about her relationship with her new friends? Players must explore and make decisions for their lives.

The graphics of Intimate Relations are rated quite well. The game chooses a modern descriptive visual style, in order to give players the most realistic experience. Because for visual novel games, actually immersing yourself in the main character is the only way to get a meaningful game experience.

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Overall, Intimate Relations is a well-polished visual novel game with a strong focus on character development and choice-based gameplay. While its themes and plot may not be for everyone, those interested in romantic relationships and exploring personal growth through interactive gameplay may find it. attractive

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Story (8/10)

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Gameplay (8/10)

Visual (8/10)


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