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Update on March 2, 2023

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badge NameClara Bittersweet Day
sports_esports CategoryVisual Novel
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App Description

Clara Bittersweet Day is a visual short story based on Ren’Py’s decision about a day in the life of protagonist Clara Lewis.


Introducing Clara Bittersweet Day

The story is about Clara’s journey to uncover some of the mysteries in “The Theater of Sinners”. She’s been dating Oliver for about two years now. The story in the game begins when he asks her out. But she was torn between going or not going. She was just curious about dating, and her high school friends tried to convince her so she decided to join that outing.

But she is faced with doubts about her life, about relationships. She quite enjoys spending time with her dad, with whom she has a platonic relationship. So she is no longer interested in dating her boyfriend. But that could change.

That will change tonight, as she experiences something she’s never had before. After the fun party, the couples come to each other to chat. That’s when she’s dating a man she doesn’t even like. But after the romantic date, her mind seems to have changed. And the relationship with the respectable father is no longer unique.

Where will Clara’s little self-discovery take her? Will she continue to focus and keep her father’s affections to herself or will she get lost in new relationships? It all depends on your choices!

Download Clara Bittersweet Day APK latest version for Android

In addition to the attractive storyline, the game Clara Bittersweet Day also brings extremely impressive illustrations. The images in the game are designed sharp and extremely realistic. Bet you any player will love this game.

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