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Update on July 7, 2023
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I Am In Heaven is a fairly popular visual novel game from AdultJunkie, giving you an engaging storyline and impressive visuals. This game is a prequel or spin-off to the game Lawyer By Trade.


Introducing I Am In Heaven

In I Am In Heaven, you take control of a someone who has lost their memory and has no idea where they are. Players go on a quest to learn more about themselves and their interactions with the undoubtedly lovely ladies around the protagonist. The player’s actions will determine the course of these relationships, making for a unique and engaging adventure.

There’s a large and varied cast of characters in the game, all of them have been given their own distinct personalities and abilities. The graphics are a major selling point, with gorgeous and captivating character designs that add to the whole experience. However, there is one little drawback: the characters can only wear so many different outfits before they start to seem boring and monotonous. Adding more options for outfits to choose from may do wonders for the game’s aesthetic.

It’s important to note that the game’s continuous development and future updates are contingent on player enthusiasm and support. The immersive experience of I Am In Heaven is bolstered by the fact that it is exhibited in full high definition.

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I Am In Heaven is an alluring graphic novel that delves into seduction and knotty romantic relationships. The game provides an immersive and possibly exciting experience for players thanks to its stunning aesthetics and the opportunity to create relationships and personal identity.

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