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Update on February 28, 2024
vCh.2 Part 1

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badge NameTales of a Dream Life HAREM
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history VersionCh.2 Part 1
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Dream Stories Being alive Players of HAREM are swept away in a mesmerizing harem-style role-playing adventure, where they are granted unique talents to save and form relationships with stunning women from many eras and universes.


About Tales of a Dream Life HAREM

The plot of the game takes place during a cosmic catastrophe that is set in motion by the angel of desire’s ill-advised ambition to build an ideal world, which unwittingly dooms millions of young girls to an unknown destiny.

Players are thrown into a strange planet on the verge of anarchy as space and time are ripped apart. These ladies confront a future bereft of power as they are confined to this strange universe. But in the middle of all the chaos, there is a ray of hope that comes from the archangel’s final act of redemption.

The player chooses a hero whose name is bestowed upon them by a heavenly seed. The hero sets out on a heroic mission to safeguard the ladies placed in his care and restore order. Our hero is bestowed with superhuman abilities, including the capacity to travel between dimensions, and is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing an incredible harem.

The story of the game develops as the player undertakes missions and interactions, navigating complex relationships and facing difficult obstacles along the way. Players are thrown into a flurry of romance and adventure as they forge strong emotional bonds with the ladies under their care and battle terrible adversaries threatening the fabric of reality.

Tales of a Dream Life HAREM combines exciting gaming elements with captivating stories at its core. An epic quest of love, courage, and atonement takes place against the backdrop of the game’s intricately drawn universe, which is inhabited by varied individuals and vivid settings. Each choice players make affects their harem’s fate and the protagonist’s ability to rescue his planet and the ladies he loves.

Download Tales of a Dream Life HAREM latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Tales of a Dream Life HAREM is an incredible video game that will enthrall players with its compelling story, beautiful graphics, and fun gameplay. As players explore the game’s world and become friends with its interesting people, they’ll go on a journey that goes beyond space and time, telling a story of love and bravery in the middle of a broken world.

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