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Update on May 24, 2023

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App Description

The Regional Manager is a rather special role-playing game, you will be chosen and decided to be a good character, or a bad character.


Introduce about The Regional Manager

You are a young entrepreneur in your early twenties. But you have great ambitions, can become a person of power and status. Currently, you are temporarily in charge of a branch of a large Electronics company. The superior gives you 60 days so you can make this branch grow again.

On your journey to completing work in a new place, you get to make new friends. The special feature of the game is that you can decide to make yourself a good person or a bad person. Through your interactions with characters you know, you can help or harm them. Or you simply take advantage of them to achieve your goals.

Every decision you make in this game will make you a good person or a bad guy. At the same time, those choices will determine the fate, and the end of the game will play out. In the game, there will be many interesting activities such as romantic dating, curiosity (peeping, sneaking in, …), blackmail (corruption, coercion…) or fainting….

Download The Regional Manager APK latest version for Android

The game allows you to choose your own path to become a good person or a bad person. But most players choose to be the bad guy. So now the developer is adding more content about the direction of being the bad guy. The rest is up to your playing style!

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