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Update on November 1, 2023

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Dumb Koala Games’s Let It Go is a visually attractive and content-rich visual novel game experience that centers on the complex relationship between two elder sisters, Lucy and Zoe.


Introduce about Let It Go

The plot of the game is around Zoe trying to understand her sister Lucy’s obviously self-absorbed behavior and obsession with online approval as she pursues social media popularity and competes in snowboarding tournaments. Nonetheless, as the story develops, players are treated to a deep dive into the complexities of sibling relationships, including the possibility for forbidden passions and rivalry between the two sisters.

The game’s emphasis on examining the psychological depths of the characters lends to a deep and emotionally intense gameplay experience. The developer’s outstanding storytelling talents produce a storyline that engages players, forcing them to uncover the characters’ complicated backstories and motives, resulting to a fascinating and thought-provoking gaming experience.

The game’s amazing visual picture may not be appropriate for all audiences due to its focus on the “sexy” and the possibility of illicit desires. However, for those interested in exploring complicated and sensitive issues within the framework of sibling relationships, Let It Go delivers an engaging and graphically appealing gaming experience that pushes players to navigate through a web of emotional complexity and personal insights.

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To sum up, Let It Go is a graphically impressive and content-rich visual novel game, providing players with an engaging tale that digs into the nuances of sibling relationships and aspirations. Its compelling narrative and striking graphic aspects complement its study of controversial topics, making it a worthwhile and thought-provoking addition to the visual novel gaming canon.

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