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Update on March 22, 2023

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Coming to the game Homelander, you get to be the lucky guy when so many girls are interested, and you even get to date all of them.


Introduce about Homelander

The main character boy in the game is a loner, because he lost his family at an early age. His life is boring, so far he has grown up but still does not have a real family. And his life gradually changes after a strange story. One day, he accidentally saves a young woman’s life. He couldn’t tell how amazing that girl’s true identity was.

After learning her true identity, his life takes a new turn. And from there, you start to role-play that guy to experience the game. You will join the girl you save on a journey of adventure that has no end. Along the way, you will also meet many other friends. They were strange people, belonging to different races in a completely foreign world.

And you will be able to start your days in a strange place, a more desirable and meaningful life. You gradually form relationships with the people here. Each friend has their own personality, and you just have to choose who you can date. There will be many interesting stories happening around your new life.

Download Homelander APK latest version for Android

In this Homelander game, you can’t be happier when you are cared for and loved by so many girls. Moreover, you also do not need to worry about being in love with someone, you will be able to date many people at the same time without fear of anyone finding out! Since this is just a game, please have fun properly and don’t learn from the game’s plot!

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