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Update on December 20, 2023

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App Description

Parasite Black APK is an extremely attractive adventure role-playing game, set in the medieval period, where you have to fight to protect the world.


Introduce about Parasite Black

The game Parasite Black is set in the medieval period, in a world called Mirnos. This world is being fiercely attacked by Demorai. Demorai are an extremely dangerous and warlike race. They have both a powerful army and amazing strength. Therefore, the world of Mirnos is in danger of being destroyed by this race.

In the game, you are the main character, born in the Kingdom of Alderay. You are sent by the kingdom to commit a suicide with a mysterious plot. You should have paid with your life. However, you were lucky when the god of death turned his back on you. You encounter a mysterious curse, giving you the possession of extremely useful “gifts”. They can help you turn the tide and fight the Demorai race and save your world.

You must find a way, relying on mysterious gifts and the help of teammates to defeat Demorai. And the content in the game not only has boring battles, but also has attractive dating content. You get to date the most beautiful girls you get to know in your adventure. These dates help you get more excited about the game experience.

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Can you defeat the evil forces to save the world? Or will you be helpless before the extraordinary power of that evil force. Show off your extraordinary abilities in Parasite Black now!

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