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Update on March 2, 2024

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badge NameGunpowder Cocktail
sports_esports CategoryVisual Novel
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App Description

Gunpowder Cocktail is a visual novel game about the life of a lucky guy who when he picked up a lot of money, it changed his life.


Introducing Gunpowder Cocktail

The story in the game is about a young man who previously lived a boring life. And his family condition is not very well-off. But a big bag of money appeared that changed everything. For a young man who was abandoned by his father and whose family was not well off, finding a bag full of $500,000 could mean a life of luxury for him. But will his life be as good as he imagined after getting rich?​ The game allows the player to make decisions that will determine the fate and life of this young man.

The game’s plot seems to revolve around the theme of how sudden wealth can change one’s life and whether it leads to a happy ending. It’s an interesting premise that is likely to appeal to many players.

The game’s graphics are visually pleasing, as the game is designed with beautiful 3D illustrations that look like real-life settings and characters. This aspect of the game may appeal to players who appreciate excellent graphics and design in their games.

Download Gunpowder Cocktail latest version for Android, Mac, Win

To sum up, Gunpowder Cocktail has an interesting premise and stunning graphics, with quite engaging storytelling. Players who appreciate excellent graphics will surely enjoy this great game. In this article, we offer you two experience versions, the main version of the game and a special version called “Hazel’s Unfortunate Halloween Night (NTR)”.

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