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Update on April 24, 2024

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badge NameHitomi’s Sick Pleasure
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App Description

The story in today’s Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure game is about a young man struggling with life, with his bullies.


Introducing Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure

Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure is a visual novel game with other attractive content. Accordingly, the main content in the game tells the story of a young man named Asahi. He has a very difficult life with no one to help him, and no one to understand his feelings. The person who bullied him the most was Hiroto, his family’s neighbor. However, Asahi’s mother, Hitomi, did not know about this.

Therefore, Asahi had to deal with these conflicts on her own. He always feels lonely and can’t talk to anyone, not even his mother. It is not until Hitomi tries to understand her son’s suffering that she gradually comes to understand the story. Since then, the two have supported each other to solve problems in life.

You will discover daily stories revolving around the two main characters, Hitomi and Asahi. There will be situations that arise and need to be addressed. Then you are the one making the decisions for that situation. The options are pre-arranged for you to choose according to your feelings. And each of your choices affects the storyline that follows.

Download Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure latest version for Android, Mac, Win

Hitomi’s Sick Pleasure is quite interesting in terms of story, but the visuals are not really impressive. Because the illustrations in the game are designed in a fairly simple cartoon style. And character creation does not make much impression on players. But anyway, this is a pretty interesting VN game that you should play.

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